Why Headlines Are Like Cute Kitten Images



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       Even Though This Kitten Has Nothing to do With Headlines, You Will Read the Content

    Every visitor to the Internet knows that cute kitty videos and images get plenty of attention. So do great headlines! In fact, a great headline is one of the most crucial parts of a blog or article.do great headlines! In fact, a great headline is one of the most crucial parts of a blog or article.Many Internet veterans are familiar with the 4U’s of great Internet Headline Writing. For those of you new to Internet marketing they are:

    1. Urgent
    2. Unique
    3. Useful
    4. Ultra-specific

    Urgent: When readers judge a headline is urgent, they tend to open and read the blog, article, or email. For example, last chance sale!

    Unique: Why being unique is vital is that a unique headline catches the reader and if he or she has not seen this type of information, holds them on your page

    Useful: If a headline that promises the content below it is useful and then doesn’t deliver, readers will leave the page.

    Ultra-specific: What makes specificity in headline writing important for readers is that it helps them information useful to them and reading the content beneath it is more compelling. For example- One Day Sale Tomorrow Only – All Linens 50% Off! It tells the reader what is on sale, when, and how large the discount is – this is very specific.

    Best Words to Use in a Headline

    Words in a headline that draw people to it and the content include:

    • New: 10 New Ways to Save on Grocery Bills!
    • Secret: The Secrets of Financial Success
    • Now: How to Change Careers Now
    • How To: How to Grow Old and Be Healthy
    • Shocking: The Shocking Reason Your Auto Insurance is Too High!
    • Numbers: 10 Amazing Easy Ways to Write Headlines

    So, now that you have the idea, other great words to include in a headline are,

    • This
    • What, When, or Which
    • Amazing
    • Breakthrough
    • Exclusive
    • Bargain
    • You & Your
    • Why
    • People
    • Video

    The Importance of Headlines

    In an article about how important headlines are, Copy Blogger shared some astonishing data, such as,

    1. Out of 10 people, 8 will read the headline, but only 2 read the copy
    2. Copywriter Gene Schwartz many times spent a full week writing a headline and the first 50 words of a sales piece.
    3. The following headline by famed adman David Ogilvy was rewritten 104 times. The epic headline was “ At 60 miles an hour, the only thing you hear in a new Rolls Royce is the ticking of the dashboard clock…”

    Some online marketers know they can do the copy of a particular piece, but still want a freelance writer to come up with a headline.

    Do you find writing headlines hard? I prefer to write a headline first and let it light my way to the end of the blog post or the article.

    How can I help you develop content that is appealing to readers? Do you need help developing titles that pull readers into your blogs or articles? Do you need help developing content for blog and article? If so, contact me using the form on my contact page, or call me at 916-342-0564.

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Some Things to Know Before Starting an Online Marketing Campaign



Madame_Couvreur_-_TasmaTwo of the most used acronyms for Internet marketing are

  • SER (search engine rankings) and
  • LSR (local search results).

They may sound similar, but they are quite different. Imagine you own a local dry cleaning shop. If SER is your primary concern you want to be the number one search result on all the search engines. Why? it is expensive and hard work to reach that level, and how many customers in San Diego is your shop expecting to bring their suits to Groton, Connecticut?  When maximizing SER on a total basis, many of your readers are too far from your business to use you. On the other hand, LSR has a laser-like targeting focus on the audience you want to reach.

Local Search: Driving Customers to You

Your concern should be achieving the number one spot in your local search results – Dry Cleaners in Groton, CT. This is a much easier goal, and with a bit of planning for your Internet marketing strategy and a little help with your copywriting from a freelancer you can make it there in record time.

Warning!! To stay on top. you must work consistently on your social media, your blog, and your website. For example, you need a website, a blog, and social media such as Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. This takes time and takes you away from running your business.

Where Does Good Content Come From?

As the business owner, you should be the source for content ideas – after all you know your customers better than anyone and you know your products best too. But, having a great idea for content is much different than making that idea into a blog post or article for your website. This is where a professional freelance writer comes into the marketing picture – to take your idea and make it an engaging, SEO rich prose that gets your customers and potential customers to stay on your site and read the content and see the ads for your business on the page. You know your business, and professional freelance content writers know theirs.

Anything Else?

Yes, tons of things really. But, when just starting it is important to know what works and what doesn’t. Some companies have the resources to run A/B campaigns where they use different content in one market to see which gets the best response. I think a more accurate measurement is using metrics such as Google Analytics (GA). GA tells you where visitors come from, how long they stayed, what if any activities they did and much more. GA is free but does have a premium version that give you more data and ways to analyze it. I think that for many businesses, the free version is just fine to start with.

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