Open for Business

As a freelance writer, I belong to a number of forums and follow several blogs. As part of my year-end clean up, I took a look at those blogs and forums and realized that nearly all of them were populated by writers like myself. The best thing about them is they form a superb virtual support system, the negative is they do nothing to help clients and potential clients. Writers are more than welcome to visit and comment on this blog – heck, a little promoting of yourself is even welcome.

Every Friday this blog will post, if you can’t wait, visit my website which will be up and running on January 5, 2015. It will be published there on Mondays.

The only purpose for this blog is to help clients and potential clients learn about the freelancing business and how it helps them with their Internet marketing.

For instance, one area I think freelance writers must educate clients about is Local Search Engine results  Too many times I have spoken to small local businesses who want to hit number one on Google search results. They fail to realize that it is far better for their business to rank #1 on local search engine results. It is far easier, far less costly, and brings in business. Let’s face it, an auto shop in Niagara Falls, NY gains no business from hitting number one in the country under Auto Shops. It is uncertain that the high national ranking will bring them customers from California, South Dakota or Boston.

Hitting the first page in search results for Auto Shops, in Niagara Falls, NY is more targeted, and a well-designed site brings new customers.

There will be lots more posts on local search, targeted marketing, social media and more. Guest posts by highly qualified Internet marketers will be here from time to time as will links, like this, to outside resources.

Happy New Year!