Tips on How to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Google's Panda
Don’t Let Google’s Panda Bite You

SEO and content are intertwined. But, swirling around Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is tons of myths. In this post I share with you some tips that talk about what I think are the five most important things not to do so that Google and other search engines do not eat you alive.

What has created these five things you should never do, is the constant changing of Google’s vast menagerie of algorithms named after animals. This includes;

  • Panda;
  • Penguin;
  • Pigeon; and
  • Several more that have other animal names or no names.

Google is striving to make the user experience more meaningful and the combination of their efforts of the updates tries to do this. What at one time was considered good SEO, is now verboten, and using them is considered “black hat” SEO which will get you eaten by the Panda with leftover crumbs enjoyed by Pigeon and Penguin.

Keyword Stuffing

If you are responsible for your company’s Internet marketing efforts, keyword stuffing is still the most often asked for feature that I, as a freelancer, encounter. Keyword stuffing is deadly, do it and your Search Engine Ranking (SER) locally and worldwide will be buried deep towards the last page of results for that keyword you so badly want a writer to use to excess.

Duplicate ContentIf you think that using duplicate content on websites you control on different domains helps you, you are mistaken. The bots and teams of Google employees that explore questionable sites will catch you – and hurt you.

Putting Page rank Above Everything Else

While page rank is important for SER, it is not the only metric that Internet marketers should concern themselves about. According to Google, there are more than 200 indicators that bots use when crawling and ranking a site. Look at your site’s analytics and do everything possible to improve other areas beside page rank.
Not Enough Content
Often, web sites use too many graphics on their pages and write little content. I am a huge supporter of using images, video and infographics for attracting readers that stay and may convert, but too many is distracting. So, even if your SER are good, your page ranking will suffer as visitors leave your site, to continue looking for quality information.
Not Using the ALT Tag

Primarily this tip is for other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo!. Do not forget the ALT tag when you post an image of any kind. Doing so, simply wastes an opportunity to place a searchable keyword in your image tag. As of now, no bots can determine the value of an image – all, including Google bots, rely on the ALT tag for information about the relevance of your images. Google says it does not pay much attention to the text associated with an image, but it sure cannot hurt you.

If you would like me to look at your content and improve it for SEO, drop me a line at or use my contact page. Please, share your experience and knowledge about other potentially dangerous SEO mistakes in the comments below.

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